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Nano Facial Mist Sprayer

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Our skin needs to be hydrated in order for us to look our best. When our skin lacks hydration it will age faster.

Keeping our skin hydrated is very simple with the Nano mist sprayer.

The Nano's High-frequency vibration atomization causes water molecules to be broken into misty water particles, which are easier to enter the bottom layer of the skin and replenish water to the source. A regular sprayer leaves our skin soaked but the mister can be used even over makeup!

20ml large water tank: The atomization sheet of this product is upgraded, which makes the atomization efficiency higher. and the fog particles are finer and more easily absorbed by the skin.

60 seconds automatic switch: This Nano sprayer will automatically power off when it is turned on after about 60 seconds, just enough to replenish the skin once. This avoids the phenomenon of putting the switch open in the bag and releasing the water.

Cold fog design: This facial mist sprayer adopts cold fog design, which can help reduce pores and firm skin.

Ultrasonic vibration technology: This product uses ultrasonic vibration technology to break down water molecules into mist, so it is easier for the skin to absorb.

Take the Nano facial mist sprayer with you and use it on your skin through out the day. This is a very easy and effective way to make sure your skin is staying moisturized all day long. The mist is so fine that is will not harm your makeup, instead it will refresh it.

Color: White

Spray heat: cold spray

Water tank capacity: 20ml

Battery capacity: 550mAh

Charging time: 3 hours

Charging power supply: USB

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