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3D Ultrasonic Toothbrush - 3 colors

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Not your ordinary toothbrush! 3 single heads, work as one to clean all your teeth surfaces at once!

Description: 30% higher cleaning effect compared to ordinary toothbrushes

3D - three-dimensional brush head makes the teeth as white on the inside as the outside.

Comprehensive dead-end cleansing and massage of the mouth

Super soft bristles for gentle care of sensitive gums

Short press the button within 8 seconds to switch on the mode, the indicator will highlight the selected mode, and short press after 8 seconds to switch off.

Reasonable brushing time, regular 2 minute working time, automatic stop after completion, 30 seconds brushing position change reminder function.


Input voltage: DC 5V / 1-2A

Input current: 350MA

Input power: 1.5W

Bristle material: DuPont nylon Brush head

material: PP,

Body and charging base material: ABS Color: white, pink, blue

Waterproof rating: IPX7

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Power: 2.96V

Capacity: 800MAH

Charging current: 70MA

Volume: 14X500mm


First gear: cleaning

Second gear: sensitive

Third gear: polishing

Fourth gear: Massage

Package Included:

1 * electric toothbrush

1 * Spare brush head

1 * charging cable

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