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5 Second Magical Hair Treatment (2 jars)

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5 seconds Repairs damage and restores soft hair.

For all hair types keratin Hair Treatment

This product was developed from a study of hair situations of more 10,000 consumers. Using imported natural and organic raw materials combined with fine molecular technology. This product is made to restore soft and shiny hair. It helps to repair damaged hair and prevent effects from heat and excess styling.

It deep conditions and moisturizes, while washing away all the excess oils and dirt from the hair. Leaving you with beautifully shiny and soft hair.


1. Wash hair with daily shampoo. 2. Dry the water with towel, ( no need dry with dryer ) Apply magical hair mask on hair ,don't touch on hair scalp , fully massage hair for 2-5 minutes. 3.Finally, rinse hair with warm water completely.

You don’t need to use a lot , a little goes a long ways.

2 jars - 50 ml each

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