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Breast enlargement pump
Breast enlargement pump

Breast Enhancement-Lifting Machine

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Breast enlargement pump

If you want to know how to get bigger breasts at home, then read on

Many women with smaller breasts feel they only have one choice if they want bigger breasts
and that is surgery. In today's world we have many choices and that includes enlarging the 
breasts at home!

The breast enlargement pump is made to
  • enlarge
  •  firm  
  •  perk up saggy breasts 
  • even saggy breasts after pregnancy and weight loss

The breast enhancement -lifting machine is for all ages

It is made for women who want to have larger, firmer and upright breast as well as girls that are still developing and want to have larger fuller breasts.

Enlarging and maintaining the elasticity and uprightness of the breast.

This machine works by principle of vacuum adsorption to perform a physical acupuncture and dredging and to promote micro-circulation.

It Creates a healthy breast curve, keeping your chest straight and elastic. It stimulates the balance of the breasts, the motion of , increasing the content of the breasts, in order to improve size and firmness.

The cup's silicone mouth design fits closely into the chest for convenient contact, and you can choose between AB cup or CD cup to accommodate your size.

Cup Diameter:

AB cup -(12.5cm / 4.9inch)

CD cup -(13.5cm / 5.31inch)

Appropriate for all types of skin, improve the breast of dysplasia, flat breast, slack breast caused by breast-feeding, deformed breast etc.

Comes with a remote control for a more convenient operation.

Suction pressure 60P

Rechargeable by plug

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