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EMS Hip Trainer (USB Rechargeable)

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Now you can have the butt you’ve always wanted!

In just 20 minutes a day you can begin to lift, firm and shape your butt.

Getting the butt you want can be a long process , but not anymore! This butt exerciser does the work for you as it makes your muscles work , while you can relax knowing each time you use it, you are getting closer to the results you want.

You will feel it, you will see it , you will love it!

Hip trainer comes with a rechargable controller ( no more batteries needed ever) a UBS charging cable and gel patches.

Use Method:

1.Install the stimulator.

2.Tear off the patch from the film.

3.Paste to the place where you need to exercise.

(Note:After using, you need to paste the patch to the film)

How to clean the gel patch:

1.Dip the water with your fingers and wipe the surface of the gel.

2.Put it in a well ventilated place to dry.

The design on the hip trainer could be different from the actual picture, but the same otherwise.

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