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Herbal Dietary Supplements for Men and Women - 2 bottles

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120 capsules

There are many issues that creep-up and affect energy, stamina, and vitality of a person. These issues can occur due to aging, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle or due to stress. Men and women today need extra support in order to stay healthy and sound. Diet and exercises need regularity and discipline which in today’s busy daily routine is hard to maintain. Super Health capsules are herbal dietary supplements for men and women which maintain optimum nutritional support and also take care of health issues that deteriorate health silently.

These herbal vitality pills are not alternatives to dietary regimen and exercises but can protect health and maintain energy higher even in the absence of these. The use of Super Health capsules also protects men and women from health problems to which they are genetically predisposed. These pills shield the ill-effects of aging and even medication and maintain the physical and mental health of men and women sound.

Natural Dietary Supplements for Men and Women

Super Health herbal dietary supplements for men and women possess nutritive, rejuvenating and anti-aging herbs in perfect combination. These herbs collectively protect health from every angle and keep a person fit, energized and active for a longer period in life. These supplements provide bio-active nutrition which may not available through diet, maintain faster metabolism and increase energy production. These also ensure proper circulation of nutrition and energy all over the body to improve vitality and stamina. Free-radicals and toxins find their way into the system in many ways and damage organs and tissues to lower energy and promote system malfunctions.

These pills supplement anti-toxin and antioxidants to keep these damaging compounds under control and eliminate them out of the body. Men and women gain faster tissue generation and stronger organs, much improved musculoskeletal system, and a calm and relaxed mind by using Super Health capsules as supplements. These natural supplements to increase energy levels improve the cardiac, respiratory, circulatory and urinary system as well and keep vital organs like liver, kidneys, blood vessels, nerves and heart-healthy and protected. Herbal ingredients of these pills are hormone balancers and suppress the release of harmful hormones in the body due to stress, insomnia, medication and health problems.

Key Features

  • Fill-in nutritional gaps and remove deficiencies.

  • Increase energy production and improve functions of vital systems of the body.

  • Protect organs and keep digestive system and blood clean.

  • Improve muscular strength, bone health and maintain faster metabolism.

  • Supplement antioxidants and slowdown process of aging.

  • Keep immunity higher and maintain healthy hormonal levels.

Ingredients of Super Health Capsules

Pipal, Kuchla, Saunth, Kali Mirch, Ras Sindoor, Lauh Bhasma

Direction of Use

Lead active lifestyle and eat nutritious diet. Consume one or two pills of Super Health capsules after breakfast and dinner regularly.

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