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Mango Revitalize Firming Eye Cream

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Total eye care cream

  • Firming eye skin
  • Whitening
  • Anti - aging
  • Eliminate melanin
  • Improve dullness
  • Fade dark circles
  • Moisturizing protection
  • Eye wrinkles
  • Removes puffiness

This one eye cream does it all

Specially formulated for the tender and delicate eye area. It nourishes and softens eye skin while it Repairs, brightening the skin, firming the skin and adding moisturizing protection.

Effectively responds to eye wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark eye cicles, eye fatigue, pressure and other skin issues around eyes. It will shrink fat particles that appear around the eyes and over time they will be gone.

The best way to keep the eyes from showing signs of aging is to keep the skin moisturized. Mango revitatlize firming eye cream does just that.

15g tube

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