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Miserwe 7 in 1 Shaving System

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The 7 in 1 lady shaver gives you the all-around beauty care from face to nail.

The seven-in-one beauty tool has a variety of functions

It .can be used to cut eyebrows, cut nose hair, microdermabrasion, shaving, polishing nails and so on.

Cleaning the IPX4 waterproof body class is very convenient.

Easy to use:

Fast high-speed fine-tuning system and smooth sharp blade removes excess hair from your body quickly.

Size: portable size, you can carry it with you.

USB charging

Package includes:

1* Epilator Head 1

1* Lady shaver Head

1* Eyebrow Trimmer Head

1* Nose Trimmer Head

1* Nail Polisher Head

1* Buffing Roller/Shining Roller

1* Clean Brush

1* USB Line

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