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Rechargeable Inner Ear Hearing Aid

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No more frustration when talking to someone or just watching tv. Now you can hear it all clearly.

Specifications MaxSSPL(±5dB) - 128

Full-on-gain(FOG)(1.6KZ.±5dB) - 31

Equivalent input noise level(±dB) - ≤22

Harmonic distortion(%)(1.6KHZ) - ≤4

Power supply electric voltage(V) - 1.5

The sum settles electric current(mA) - ≤3

Continue work time - 10-12 Hours

Charging time - 6-8 Hours

Features: USB charging (no batteries ever needed)

Comes with USB charging cable

Five gear volume adjustable

Can be worn for either left or right ear

Package include:

1 x Hearing Aid

2 spare Earplugs

1 x Charger boxes

1 x Chargers

1 x Cleaning brushes

Instruction manual

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