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Seago Sonic Toothbrush - rechargeable

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Feature: Brand - Seago


1. Small brush head: This product adopts a small brush head design, which can penetrate deeper into the mouth and clean more thoroughly.

2. Moderate hardness: The hardness of the bristles of this product is moderate, which can effectively massage the gums and maintain the cleanliness.

3. Moderate brushing: This product is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip, which can reduce the brushing force, protect the enamel and reduce gum bleeding.

4. High-frequency sound wave vibration: This product uses high-frequency sound wave vibration to help effectively clean teeth.

5. Waterproof: This product has waterproof performance, the whole body can be washed, easy to use and easy to clean.

6. USB interface charging: This product supports USB interface charging


Color: Black

Material: Nylon

ABS Power mode: USB Control

Method: button

Type: Electric toothbrush type: sonic

Brand: Seago

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